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We've Gone Live! Come See Your Baby in 4D Live, the next best thing to seeing your baby before seeing your baby!

Great Ultrasound Packages for You
2D, 3D, and 4D Ultrasound Services

Are you ready to meet your child? Peek A Belly 3D Inc. provides unique 3D ultrasound services using amazing state-of-the-art technology that lets you to look at your child in real time. We allow you to see your baby's gender and heartbeat, as well as taking home your printed pictures and receiving your digital file via email instantly. Each package includes a "Mommy's Gift Bag".  We provide the best 3D ultrasound Chicago / Joliet area parents can imagine!!

If your baby is not cooperating, we will have you come back for free.

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Packages: All our packages include thermal images right off of our machine as we are scanning you -- instant!  No waiting for images while they are printed off a computer printer on printer paper.  They are the best images for details like they use in the medical industry.

Gender Reveal
Planning on a special Gender Reveal with family & friends? We will help you in any way we can! We can put the gender pictures in a sealed envelope to be opened by the bakery at no additional charge to you. We are always honored to be a part of your special time! Also Available - Gender Smoke Bomb - $12, Confetti Stick $15, Gender Powder bomb - $20, Heart Beat Bear in a Gender Reveal Box - $35

"First Peek"  –  $60

6-14 weeks

2D Session
5 Black & White Pictures
See the Baby's Heartbeat
Please be WELL Hydrated and come in with a FULL bladder.

All digital images captured from the session are instantly emailed to you

"Heart Beat Check" - $25

Just looking for peace of mind? Don't have a fetal doppler?

Same day appointments typically available please call our office

"Gender Peek" – $85

15- 20 weeks
2D Session

3D/4D depending on babies’ position
8 Black & White Pictures
Listen to the Baby's Heartbeat.

Gender Determination, Measurements, Due date confirmation if needed

All digital images captured from the session are instantly emailed to you

Please be WELL Hydrated and come in with a FULL bladder.

Recheck Included if Baby does not cooperate the first time!

We did over 47,000 gender determinations in the past 10 1/2 years with five errors. That is a 99.95%!  Two errors were not quite 15 weeks when the sessions were done - a little early to do it but did so at request of clients, the third was a hiding twin that we corrected on second visit! Fourth was undescended testicles that even her doctor got it wrong! Fifth was undescended testicles again!

We know that finding out the sex of your baby is very important. If we can not determine the gender of your baby for any reason, you may return again within two weeks for no additional charge. 

Quick Peek   $135


2D/3D/4D Ultrasound   

2D/3D/4D Session
• 4D LIVE: The Next Best Thing to Seeing Baby Before They are Born!
• 10 Thermal printed pictures

• All digital images captured from the session are instantly emailed to you
• Gender Determination upon Request
• Listen to the Baby's Heartbeat

Last Peek $90

35-38 weeks

2D/ 3D/4D Ultrasound

2D/ 3D/4D Ultrasound
35-38 Weeks
Verify Baby's Position
Estimate Baby's Weight

Thermal printed pictures

Listen to the Baby's Heartbeat

All digital images captured from the session are instantly emailed to you

This is not the "Ideal" time for the best images.
No Rechecks

The Ideal time for sweet face pictures is 28-32 weeks!Ideal Time

Super Peek $225

2 Visits - 1st Visit Gender Peek, 2nd Visit Quick Peek,
Includes a Large Heartbeat Teddy Bear on Your First Visit 

Call for heartbeat recording "mini" session availability. Prices start at $45. Package includes choice of heartbeat bear and 2 black and white prints

Add Ons


  •  Large Heart Beat Teddy Bear/ Animals - $35   Small Bear - $25
    Baby's Heart Beat recorded on an adorable plush animal.

TWINS - add $25 Best 25-28 Weeks      TRIPLETS - add $40 Best 22-26 Weeks

Multiples - Because of crowding, we need to scan babies before 30 weeks.

All Sessions Can Be Performed between 6–36 Weeks:
• 6-14 Weeks – Peek at the Heartbeat and Movement – 2D Only
• 15-20 Weeks – Peek at the Sex
• 20-26 Weeks – Peek at the Movement Causing All That Action
• 26-36 Week – Peek at What You Newborn Will Look Like

10% Discount for Military and First Responders

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Experience the wellness benefits of Prenatal Massage
Our experienced massage therapist chooses techniques that are safe and effective for women during pregnancy.  Designed to accommodate mommies-to-be and their changing bodies. Available to those over 12 weeks with normal healthy pregnancies.
Wide Range of benefits:
Decrease pain in the pelvic and hip area
Helps stabilize hormone levels by lessening anxiety
Increases circulation
Improves digeston
Promotes relaxation and deep breathing
Improves skin elasticity that can help reduce stretch marks
60 Minute Prenatal massage - $80
90 Minute Prenatal massage - $110
Not pregnant Swedish Massage 60 Minutes - $70
Kristi Haan LMT is a certified teacher and licensed therapist with specific training and certification in prenatal massage.  She is also certified in infant massage and as a doula.