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Stephanie V

Love it! This is my 2nd pregnancy, we did 3D/4D with my 1st but we lived in Kansas City at the time. Peek a Belly is soo much better!!! We went with the big package that comes with 2 different ultrasounds, a stuffed animal with the heartbeat and a cd of pictures plus a dvd of the whole thing. Best decision ever! I was able to find out gender before my doctor appointment(the dr. office kept moving my appointment) and it was a relaxed atmosphere. They even gave my daughter a balloon! We got to pick out a stuffed animal of our choosing that they put the heartbeat in. For my second visit I waited until I was 32 weeks and was able to invite my parents and my grandmas (who had never seen an ultrasound before) and it was priceless. My husband missed it because of work but since I get a dvd of the whole thing we watched it the moment he got home and it was just like he was there. Both times they pronted out several amazing pictures too!! Definately worth it, can not thank them enough for 2 very positive experiences!

Emma B.

We came here to find out the gender of our first child.

Courteous, professional staff. Nice waiting room area with cute baby items to buy if you want to. If your baby isn't moving around much to see the gender, then they provide juice or candy for the sugar to kick in. The exam room has soft furniture with a warm atmosphere. There are a two large tvs on the wall to view the baby's movements. The woman is exceedingly professional and knowledgeable. Private parking so you don't have to feel like everyone knows your business.


Mary M.

We had a great experience here for a gender peek at 16 weeks. Only had to wait about a minute after finishing paperwork, the room was peaceful, the employees were friendly. Our tech, Mallory (sp?), was such a sweetheart. She talked us through everything we were seeing and everything she was doing. We got a roll of printed photos, a disc with more photos, and even a "It's a Girl!" balloon

Katy D
Beautiful little place. The room was so comfortable and serene. My daughter got a little antsy and I loved that they had a toy box in there. Loved seeing my little one squirm around. Your baby gets a lot of TV time and it's not rushed at all. I was so excited to learn I was having a baby BOY. The tech was very patient that my little one had his legs crossed for a while. All in all just a comfortable and beautiful experience. :) Also, very appreciative that they offer a military discount.

Joliet Kristen R

This place is amazing, we went there for a gender reveal and they were accurate with the gender being a boy!  I love how spacious the room was and the tv screen for the picture was huge too. Overall we had a great experience here and can't wait to go again for our next child!

Gena A.

The atmosphere and staff were amazing. The experience itself is incredible and awesome. The mother and family and are in the most relaxed setting and ladies there are welcoming and reassuring. Yes, sometimes the baby moves and doesn't allow for the perfect headshots you were hoping for (as mentioned by another reviewer) but goodness gracious you get to see the baby moving around and those tiny little hands and feet and either way totally worth it.

Amanda L.
Arlington Heights, IL

I was looking at a few local 3D ultrasound places before I came upon Peek-a-Belly. The reviews here have been glowing, compared to other places in Chicagoland, and I can now add my huge thumbs up to the list!

We live in Arlington Heights, so at first I was skeptical it'd be worth the drive, but it totally was! 

The lobby was big and inviting, and looked super comfortable, but we never had a chance to sit, since they took is right away. 

The staff was so friendly and sweet, and our ultrasound tech was such a doll. I know she does this all the time but she still made us feel so special and seemed genuinely excited and happy the whole time she was working with us. 

Our stubborn kiddo wouldn't move the way we needed, so she tried a few methods to encourage our little one to turn, and it worked! Our tech was so patient and seemed to be used to the challenge of uncooperative babies. 

We opted for the DVD, which we haven't watched yet, but we also got a bunch of printouts. So excited to finally know the gender! 

We will definitely be back in a few months for our 3D peek!

Lola Leonila - Google
I loved it here, it is very nice and clean and very relaxing. At first the baby didn't want to cooperate, kept giving us his back and I really wanted some face shots. I was asked to walk around for a few minutes and return, I was also given a chocolate lol. I did return and was able to get face shots, and extra pictures. The technician was very friendly and nice, wish I would've remembered her name, she was patient despite how busy it was with the appointments, I didn't feel rushed like the previous place I had gone to with my 2nd child. In the end, I was given some formula samples which I also thought was a nice finishing touch, my 11 month old was given a balloon :) Would highly recommend this place!

Nicky F. -Yelp

I am sorry I'm still not sure of everyones name here but I can tell you the ladies in the office and ultrasound tech are AMAZING!!! I called to get a first peek ultrasound at 13 weeks the lady I talked to was very nice she answered all my questions and I got a appiontment only a few days away. As I was driving up there I had a hard time finding it so I called once again they were so nice she talked me through how to get there and didn't rush me off the phone. As I walked in the place is beautiful they have a lot of baby things you can go around and check out. I waited about 5 minuets untill they got me into a room. It was very calming nice music, dim lighting, comfty table, comfty daddy chair, and 2 large screen tvs to see your baby. I was planning only 2 pictures and 2D ultrasound boy was I surprized. She was nice enough to do 3D to and make sure we got good veiws of the baby and her little face she was trying to hide. I am so excited to come back getting a heart beat plushie and full peek ultra sound when I'm 25 weeks.

Theresa D.

I can't say enough about Peek a Belly in Lockport. The place was so warm and inviting, the Receptionist was so nice and then when we went in with our tech, Cathy, the experience just got better. We're at 16 weeks and even though the baby wouldn't cooperate for the gender at first, Cathy tried a couple of techniques and they worked! The rooms are so inviting...soft lighting, couches, big TVs, even toys for our 4 year old. So much more calming than a hospital environment (although I know their ultrasounds serve a medical purpose). Such a bonding experience for our family. I highly recommend Peek A Belly for anyone who wants to check gender or just get a chance to spend some time looking at their little one.

Courtney O. Oak Forest, IL 
In short! An amazing experience. Period.

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with a little girl (our fifth child) and seeing how this is my final "hurrah!" to gestating, we really wanted to cherish every moment of this pregnancy. I found Peek A Belly 3D on facebook of all places, but a quick check of their Yelp reviews--and their facebook page--and I was certain this was the place for our final non-medical ultrasound. 

My girls (5, 4, and 3 years old) were having a special "Girls Day" with grandma, so my husband, my six year old son, and yours truly (plus one ;) headed over to Peek A Belly to see if we could snag a few quality images of our baby girl (due on Valentine's Day). While the location itself is a little hard to find, I must admit that once you get there, you KNOW you're in the right place. The waiting room is huge and very, very inviting, and the prices are entirely reasonable. The tech is one of the owners and she is magnificent. She is very personable and we clicked immediately. She took some amazing pictures of our beautiful baby girl--she even caught a smile on of the shots!--and my six year old son was floored by the whole experience in the most amazing way. The entire place was spotless and the rooms were warm and comfortable. We never felt rushed and we the tech was warm, confident, and experienced (she's been dealing in ultrasound technology since the 1970's). In short, between two successful pregnancies (three of my kids are adopted), we've tried out three separate ultrasound spots and Peek A Belly 3D is the clear winner! 

If you found this review because you were looking for a solid choice for a non-medical ultrasound to commemorate your pregnancy, look no further. Peek A Belly is where it's at. :)  Oh, and congratulations and best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Shay on Yelp

Ive had 3D/4D ultrasounds in the past at other establishments and the service was just okay. My husband and I were not completely satisfied and because of this we avoided a 3D ultrasound with our last baby. But this time around I wanted to try a new place and was super eager to find out the gender of my baby. So I called up one afternoon and Barb was able to get me in later in the evening at 5 which was great, as the anticipation of finding out was literally keeping me up at night.

The location was easy to find and upon entering I was surprised at how warm and cozy it was. The actual ultrasound room itself was extremely relaxing and the bed was super comfy. The decor was really nice and the large flat screens on the wall showed every detail from the heartbeat to the baby hiccuping, while calming nursery music played in the background. Barb, the owner who also performed my ultrasound was very personable and friendly. It's only obvious that she loves what she does.

The ultrasound went very well and the excellent service I received was not my only surprise. I found out I was having twins!!! Barb was so happy for us and she also celebrated in the joyous moment with me. Twins do cost extra and she did not attempt to charge me for it. She even threw in some extra goodies along with two balloons, one pink and one blue.

I highly recommend Peek a Belly 3D! My husband and I will be going back at 25 weeks for another peek hoping to see what the twins will look like at birth.

Lindsey H. on Yelp

Absolutely amazing. Barb was very personable and explained everything we were seeing so it all made sense (my husband loved that). We went in for a sneak peek and were SO happy we did. She took her time, made sure we got a few good pictures, and the room was VERY comfortable. Even a little gift bag at the end of our first ultrasound. I can't wait to go back again, definitely recommend for mommies-to-be! :D

Danny D on Yelp

It was a great experience, we did a gender peek. The room where the ultra sound was perform was very comfortable for the mommy and the daddy. The owners were very personable and made us feel welcomed. I would definitely recommend this place.

by at Citysearch
"We Loved It!!!

My wife and I arrived at Peek A Belly 3D by a word of mouth referral from a friend and what we discovered was better than we had hoped!

We were told by two other ultrasound services (who will remain nameless)that an ultrasound was not possible and that, at 34 weeks, they would not do it. We were SHOWN that, not only was it possible, but that it could be an immensely wonderful experience. We called Peek A Belly on Tues. morning and had a 1 pm appointment scheduled for that day. Needless to say, this worked around our schedule perfectly. We were greeted in their cozy front office by the owner/ultrasound tech with over 30 years experience.

While listening to relaxing music in the dimly lit veiwing room, my wife and i were treated to a 30 minute session of outstanding clarity in both 2D and 3D. The owner seemed to genuinely care about the piece of mind we were recieving and there was absolutely no sense that we were being rushed or "just a customer." That is something that you can't put a price on, although their price was also the lowest we could find.

We ended up coming home with a slew of photos inboth color and b&w, a dvd, as well as a smile that has been plastered on both of our faces since. I highly recommend Peek A Belly and look forward to sending them baby pics of our little boy to compare to the ones they took. I'm betting that they will be spot on!! Thanks again...." Ben

"I have been an OB/GYN for the past 33 years and know personally of the skill of the Ultrasound Technician @ Peek A Belly 3D- she simply is the BEST!!"  Dr. James Bray

Marvin Mijangos
At peek a belly 3D

A family affair!!


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experiance we had today!
We are 15 weeks pregnant and did our gender ultrasound.  Already having 2 boys,
we're adding a 3rd!  I'm so very excited and happy that you let me share the moment
with not only my husband, but some of my extended family aswell!  We had a wonderful
time and will definatly be back again! Malorie E.

Peek a Belly is AWESOME!!! My husband and I went there a couple weeks ago to get our 3D/4D ultrasound done. Staff is very friendly and accomodating and the location is super easy to get to right off the expressway! The office is beautiful and inviting. We loved our session and got to take home unbelievable pictures of our baby girl! We even found out she has hair :)
Loved this place and can't wait to come back during my next pregnancy!
If you're considering a 3D ultrasound, this place will not dissappoint! Kimmy G. on Yelp

Had an amazing experience to find out the gender of our growing baby. Barb the owner is such a nice woman, she made us feel right at home. I had went to a different 3d office with my first born and it was no comparison! peek a belly 3d in lockport is the place to go. such a homey and warm atmosphere. iI reccomend it to all!  Stacey on Yelp

"Honestly, this place is number one to get your ultrasound at. The people are so friendly and welcoming. I just got my first ultrasound today and I had it done at Peek a Belly 3D and honestly, I would never go anywhere else. The place is gorgeous inside, maybe just a little pain in the butt to get to, but well worth it in the end. I found out I am 15 weeks today and they actually told me the sex of the baby. This early on! Thank you so much Peek a Belly 3D, you are my heros and like I said before, I will NOT go anywhere else! You have my word."-Angelea on Yelp

"This place is beautifully decorated! The staff is wonderful!! We just found out we are having a boy after two girls! We will be back for later in the pregnancy!  Go visit them you will love them!" Sonji S. on Yelp
"Peek a Belly is amazing! Their staff are so welcoming and warm. I went there to get my 3D ultrasound at 18 weeks and my kids could see their baby sister waving! The staff went out of their way to show us everything we needed to know. I highly recommend them, you can't go through your pregnancy without seeing them!"  Amanda on Yelp
"Was here yesterday found out I was having a girl! i was only 18wks! Im going back in 2months! The owner was so nice and caring! And the facility is so beautiful! I definitly recommend all mommies to b to go here!"  Keesha on FB
"I think these people are the greatest. I am 5 months pregnant and on May 12th, 2011, I went to my High Risk OB to know the gender of my child.  They pissed me off since they couldn't figure it out and were basically rushing me through everything.  Then my husband googled and found this place.  We went the same night and I tell you, they were sooo sweet to me.  They showed me all glimpses of my baby and confirmed 100% I was having a girl.. The best thing is you dont have to look at the little computer screen, the tec actually shows you everything on a huge flat screen TV.  Gals, if you are looking for a affordable 3d ultrasound, or even a regular ultrasound and want someone to do as if they care, go to Peek A Belly 3D.  Thanks" Prisha M.

"I just wanted to thank you ladies at Peek A Belly. Our little boy was not cooperating and you never gave up! What was suppose to be a quick 10 minute exam turned into a full half hour, but you did not want me to leave without good pictures - and these are the best!! Thanks for all that you did! I will be back." Regina

"We were told by our doctor doing the ultrasound that we were having a boy.  I came to you for confirmation (I did not tell you what the doc had said) and when you said "girl" I was shocked! After I told you, you showed us all the things to tell it was a girl and really took your time.  You were 100% confident that I was having a girl- Guess what - you were right - Genevive was born last month!  Thanks Peek A Belly!  I recommend you to all my friends."  Lindsey

"After years of infertility, I finally got pregnant. That first trimester, I was scanned almost every week.  When I got to my regular OB and he told me we won't get another ultrasound untill 22wks. I told my husband we had to go and see you because I am addicted to seeing my baby every week or two and I would not make it until then! You were wonderful! The pictures were great and I am really happy you give discounts for returning patients because I will be back soon!! Thank you."   Angie

"Going to Peek A Belly was a wonderful experience!!  I was a little nervous at first to have this done.  Once we got to Peek A Belly Barb made my husband and me feel very comfortable.  The experience ended up being amazing.  We got to see our little one's face with chubby checks continuously putting his/her thumb then full hand into its mouth.  We didn't want to know the sex of the baby so all photos were waist up.  It was really neat to see the little one up-close inside me.  They took photos and dvd of the experience for us to take home and share.  Our ultrasounds from our Dr. which are 2D have shown us nothing up-close to get excited about. The 3 and 4D ultrasounds show you up close action shots to see them stick out their tough, move around and see their features up close. After months of being curious of what the little one looks like we were able to have a sneak preview!!  It was GREAT!!  Thank you Peek A Belly!"  Nicole G.

 "I was approximately 26 weeks when I had my 3D/4D ultrasound.  I love the atmosphereat Peek A Belly.  Very "at home".  I was amazed to see my little boy on a big TV.  My pictures turned out great and the staff was amazing.  They took their time with me, answered all my questions and made sure I left happy."  Jenn A.

Facebook Reviews

Jackie Myers
Thanks for such a good time that was money well spent you are such a sweet woman thanks again!

Nicole Buck
It's the love of what you do that keeps me coming back & giving this experience as a gift to all I know! Thx for making it joyful!

Lisa Marie Cook
Barb you are the best! And it's such a great story that I can tell my daughter one day! Keep doing what you are doing please! You make many mom to be's smile and/or cry should i say!

Doris Lorens
Thank you Peek A Belly 3D. We learned we were having boy/girl twins at 15 weeks 3 days.

Carrie Bruns
LOVED my experience at Peek A Belly! My sister will me coming in over the summer to get a peek at her little one as well!

Heather Benassi Waldron
Thanks to Peek a Belly we found out we are having a baby girl. Here is our shy princess at 20 weeks. Looking forward to coming back soon!

Tiarra Houston
Thank you Peek A Belly 3D for a great time today *** It's A Girl ***

Johni Brown
I highly recommend going here. We had such a great experience, it was well worth it to see our little boy! Thank you!

Ashley Mitchell
Thank you so much for an amazing day! It was absolutely perfect. You all have a wonderful store and you both were wonderfully nice ladies :). See you in July!

Katherine Lemming Swafford
So Excited to see our little boy again tomorrow! This time we will get to see his face!!!!

Margaret Engel
Great getting to see our little girl again! Thank you so much! Here she is yawning :)

Marisa Del Carpio
Thank you Barb for a great experience, it was wonderful to finally see our little Baby Del Carpio.

Heather Benassi Waldron
Thanks so much for the great visit today. You were able to tell us in 3 minutes what the hospital tech couldn't tell us in an hour!!! We are thrilled to be having a baby girl. Can't wait to visit again!

Nikki Broussard Ramos
We had an amazing time today!!! Thank you for giving us a peek at what our second child looks like. It was a great experience, we loved getting a preview of him or her

Avalon Witherspoon-Brigham
Just got done having the 3D ultrasound done at your place, it was the greatest experience we have had and I will be recommending it to every pregnant women that I know and will see in the future! You guys made us feel so comfortable and at home, thank you so much!!!!

Amanda Hansen Stamberger
Thanks for the wonderful experiance today!!! You do an amazing job:)

Shelly Husband Stamberger
Thank you so much for today! i loved seeing her (and confirming it was a girl :)) Hope you have a fabulous weekend

Amanda Hansen Stamberger
Today was AMAZING....such a wonderful experiance!!! Our baby boy is so amazing!!! I strongly recommed going to Peek A Belly 3D and getting an ultrasound done....worth every penny!

Tara Yates
Just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone!!! Matthew Hrpcha and I are expecting a LITTLE GIRL on 08/08/11!!!! We are overjoyed!!! :) thanks for all your support!!! BTW Please please check out Peek a Belly 3d in Lockport they are amazing!!! They made our moment magical!!! :) We cant thank Barb enough!

Debbie Ortiz
You do such a wonderful job...........Thank you

Colleen Courtney Sazama
Your persistence with our little drama queen definitely paid off!! :) Thank you SO much for the beautiful pictures and the wonderful experience! We just can't believe how much baby-to-be looks like her big sister!!

Melissa King
Thank you for letting us know we are expecting a little boy over the weekend! Your center is so nice and welcoming, we truely enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to coming back later in the pregnancy to see what our little man looks like! ♥

Lorraine JeremiahMama Cusimano
Thank you for letting me know im finally gonna get my princess!!

Michelle Hudgens
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see my grandson for the 1st time!! ♥

Courtney Newell
Thank you Peek A Belly for a great experience. Had a very stubborn baby who had legs crossed and feet on top of the important area when for our gender peek ultrasound. Finally the baby moved just enough for us to see the "goods" and we were thrilled to find out that our two girls will be expecting a baby brother!!! Thanks again for your patience!!

Ashley Lawrence
Would love to set up another appointment can i go about doing that
Theresa Lopez That's where I went and she is awesome!!!

Melissa Sanchez Siedlecki
Amazing appointment at Peek a Belly!! :) seeing my lil boy was so awesome!!

Wendy Langys
Thanks Barb Love the Pics

Jim Banaszak
Thanks for a wonderful experience today. Erin and I will be coming back after 32 weeks to see our little guy. Also....We will be stopping back in with a Flash drive for the digital images. Thanks so much!

Jessica Smith Butts
Got our first pics of our Cover girl today! Thank you for a very pleasant experience!

Cheryl Gobernatz-Jones
Thanks again Cathy for such a great visit yesterday hearing that three letter word was all I needed and it was a great confirmation! We will be back around 33 weeks or so and can't wait to see our little Son again :)

Tribune Shannon
No way, this is hysterical!! Peek A Belly 3D you saved the day.

Trinten N Kristi
Gavin Gianni Johnson.. he looks just like the ultra sound.. thanks guys

Michelle Gray Durrett
We were in your office this morning and were absolutely THRILLED with our experience!!!! Thank you for giving us a beautiful look at our daughter.

Cheryl Gobernatz-Jones
Thank you Sooo much went today and Kathy was awesome :) Can't wait to go back and find out the gender.

Krista Lynne'
I loved the 3d wall we have pics if u want them. Let me know how to get them to u!

Jessica Malec
U guys are amazing im so happy my husband is thrilled thanks for everything

Lindsey Williams Wehling
My husband and I came to see you a couple months back for the gender peek - words can't describe how happy were! I want to know when is the best time for us to come back to see our little guy again?

Tara Arenz
I wanted to say thank you!! Being able to see my little Bella today has made everything we have gone threw SO worth it! Love how you take the time too get the perfect image even when there being "shy". You guys are so wonderful and will tell everyone I know too go too you guys!
The Arenz family ♥

Brittany Pote
On our way home from you, ladies, but I just wanted to write you a little "thanks again" for your hard determination at sneaking a peek between my baby's legs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a girl and am looking forward to trying again next week. Thank you, Kathy and Barb!!

Patricia Wasik-Corner
truly a wonderful place. you have def made me a pround grandmother to see what others couldnt. thank you for everything tonight. we are all thrilled.

Ricky Ortiz
‎Peek A Belly 3D is a VERY cool place with Barbara Griffin Szram at the Machine. She did an awesome job and was very very knowledgeable and educated. Thank you to her and her business, we NOW ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! Aryanna Leigh Ortiz!

Angelea Dudek
Just got home from Peek A Belly 3D and had a wonderful time seeing my baby girl! She is just to beautiful! Only thing is she is so stubborn! Gotta watch out for her hands and feet, she likes sticking them in her mouth lol Thank you guys so much for a wonderful date with my little girl! ♥

Shelly Husband Stamberger
Thank you so much for my session on Saturday!!!! We are just thrilled to be having a princess in the house after to boys!!! YOu guys are awesome and i will be back later in the pregnancy!!!!

Deanne 'Krieger' Lessard
Thanks for the wonderful experience. It was well worth the drive! (Davenport, Iowa)

Kristina Frighetto Fabis
Thank you for a wonderful experience today! I was beyond impressed and will definitely be spreading the word about you guys!!!

Lindsey Williams Wehling
Booked our 1st appointment for next Saturday! We're beyond excited and counting down the days until we can see this little bean for the first time!!!

JaChan Callon
Thanks for photo session today!

Destinee Ziegler
Experience the bonding love like nothing else :) I highly recommend you mommies-to-be to treat yourself & your family to see them early, and love them forever at Peek A Belly 3D!!!! cherish these moments!!
Michelle Jardine Miller Great experience , everyone should have this experience before their baby arrives!

Dawn Guler
‎32 weeks, excellent experience!

Tabatha Lewis-Tovrea
almost 17 weeks along this was truely the most amazing experience ever

Stacey Arnold
Anyone expecting or know anyone pregnant? Peek a belly 3d in lockport (behind pops and tacobell on 159th) is amazing. A great place to take a peek at your growing baby! A very warm and cozy spot, some places like this can feel like a doctors office. They are super nice and make u feel at home!

Amanda Grove Heberg
had another great experience at Peek A Belly! Got to see our baby girl, she smiled at us! Thanks to the great staff!

Kelly Cook-Warman
Thanks for the excellent session. We were very happy to see a glimpse of our baby boy!

Meagan Marie
Thank you so much for an awesome experience. We plan on coming back later in the pregnancy.

Angel Barnes
Angel's sweet baby girl!! Thanks so much for yesterday it was great we will be back when I'm farther along!! :)

Lisa Stremel
My handsome son, Sam!! he wouldn't stop hiding behind his hand! thank you peek a belly, my experience was awesome!!!!!

Jaime Idzik-Dixon
Thank you so much for yesterday! It was truly an amazing experience! I will definitely recommend you to others! :)

Catie Stark
thanks for hooking us up today and taking the time to wait for my child to move her arms and feet away from her face to get sum shots! it was awesome and we enjoyed every minute!

Kimi Severson VanHyning
Only 13 weeks-- this was truly an amazing experience. I can't wait to come back!! Thank you for everything--you guys are wonderful and I have recommended you to everyone I know! :)

Kim Kopchik-Invergo
Thanks for such a amazing experience. Me and my husband will never forget. We will for sure be coming back :)

Luz Guzman
Thanks for such amazing moment I just keep looking at my DVD and my pictures

Angelea Dudek
You guys are truly amazing, thank you so much for everything today. You are simply the best! I am going to recommed you guys to everyone I know. ♥ Thanks again, I'll be back soon